RIXES | France 2023

RIXES synthesizes punk-rock and techno through a blend of real-time sensor data and analog synthesis. Optical sensors equipped on a drum kit capture intricate details such as speed, force, and spatial orientation. These details are then translated into digital signals that dynamically modulate sound timbre and tone, allowing for a rich, interactive auditory landscape that can be altered on the fly.

The project also features real-time, audio-reactive graphics, consisting of thirteen unique visual universes. Each universe is configured to respond differently to the sensor data generated by the drum kit, highlighting different aspects, tones, cadences of sound. To make visible the auditory details that an untrained ear may not immediately hear, such that our perception of what we hear might stretch out far enough to meet it.

To ensure a reliable and high-quality visual experience without requiring a touring technician, the visuals are managed by TouchDesigner, while Chataigne serves as a virtual intermediary, coordinating seamless communication between the various software components.

All this technology comes together to create an immersive experience that intersects rave culture, live improvisational music, and digital art. It’s not merely an auditory or visual performance; it’s an engaging, multidimensional space.