RESONANCES | Bright Moments Artist in Residence | Paris 2024

Resonances was part of the Bright Moments Artist in Residence program for the Month of February 2024, as well as the live minting experience at Bright Moments’ Paris 9th edition during that same month.

The longform generative series creates unique sound sculptures that contain no audible sound. Instead, resonant frequency layers carve out shapes in 3D space, revealing the nuances of sound as a purely visual experience.

The idea for this project was born out of the friction that often comes with presenting sound in artworks — it can be tricky to showcase sound without it polluting the experience of other artworks in group shows, and not everyone enjoys the isolation of headphones. With that in mind, how can sound be showcased front and center?

Resonances translates the ephemeral nature of sound into a tangible visual experience by utilizing cymatics, the study of sound and vibration patterns made visible.

Inspired by Chaldni patterns, the degree of complexity of each output is based on different frequency layers. Pattern tones can be thought of as the different ‘musical notes,’ while tone intensity can be thought of as the volume for each pattern tone.

Each piece is in gentle, perpetual movement, whose inner patterns reveal and conceal themselves depending on the perspective from which the artwork is viewed.

There are 7 color palettes - each piece’s reveal begins the color cycle at a different place on the palette’s spectrum, slowly cycling through the full range.

The artwork is animated in real-time and interactive, allowing users to zoom in as well as rotate the sculpture to experience it from different angles. Each iteration proposes a unique visual pattern, which reveals and conceals it’s own inner patterns depending on the vantage point from which it’s viewed.