> > Nike Air Force 1 X NSDOS | Nike | Paris 2022

Musican, artist and hacker NSDOS collaborated with Nikes Paris House of Innovation to create a unique set of designs for the 40th anniversary of the Air Force 1 shoe. The project features four styles designed first as generative graphics, then further adjusted and deformed by real-time body movement data collected through sensors.

During a live performance at the House of Innovation, NSDOS & Eliza demonstrated the process of creation in real-time. The concept was also further expanded, adding another layer of data via real-time generative audio. An algorithm created the audio, NDSOS then moved with it, his movements were captured via sensors which were then processed in TouchDesigner and applied as deformations on the real-time graphics being generated. The senors also sent body data back into the audio, deforming the sound as well. The entire experience was live and real-time, showcasing the seamless integration of dance, design, and technology.