curi:o(s) x CCU | Math Expressionism | Utrecht Netherlands 2022

curi:o(s) is a series of four unusual objects inspired by the new excitement around collectables as NFT’s, as well as the trinkets and knicknacks we might collect over a lifetime. These works were c reated for the CCU’s 5th anniversary exhibition, Math Expressionism (Math Ex.)

Created using procedural methods for generating natural-looking patterns and shapes, these curious translucent shapes refract an invisible light source, allowing us to see in and through each object. Each is continously changed by the space that contains it via domain warping.

Math Expressionism (Math Ex) was an exhibition showcasing the work of artists from the international community of creative coders.

The programme dove into the field of generative art and presented the makers and their tools, the communities they are part of, and the creative processes that shape their work.

Math Ex was also an experiment with Non Fungible Token’s (NFT’s). Through workshops and discussions the CCU offered both makers and collectors hands-on opportunities to develop their own perspective on this controversial field. Makers shared their experiences of being part of NFT communities such as Hic et Nunc and Artblocks, discussing the controversies and the interesting developments that have emerged.