Diaphanae x 6529 | For The Culture Exhibition | Paris 2023

Diaphanae x 6529 was comissioned as part of For The Culture, an exhibition created in collaboration with Artpoint, NFT Factory, and famed art collector Punk6529. The in person event took place at the NFT Factory in Paris, and online via Foundation in July 2023. Over 30 artists were asked to create artworks taking the famous “meme cards” as the primary inspiration. Memes have been an important part of internet culture since their inception in the mid-2000s. The proliferation of which has led to a robust crypto meme culture, becoming an essential part of the Web3 community today.

…subtle sensations evoked by digital technologies that summon the familiar…

The artwork is part of an ongoing series exploring soft, touchable things and explores the dynamics of soft body physics, the breaking of the fourth wall and the subtle sensations evoked by digital technologies that summon the familiar. The floating entities that comprise diaphanae are also entirely transparent. Their iridescent hue, like their shape, is a reflection of how the space that contains them echoes and reverberates outwardly through them. A nod to the oscillations that spring forth from interaction, collaboration and the boundless network of our shared experience.

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