Bubbles | Neyo Shibuya | Tokyo, Japan 2020

Throughout the months of November and December 2020, as part of the Neo Shibuya initiative bubbles was exhibited in some of Tokyo’s busiest hubs, including Shibuya Crossing. The piece is part of an ongoing series of soft, touchable things. These works explore they dynamics of soft body physics, the 4th wall, and a never ending fascination with perceived sensations — the subtleties of movement and the sensations we feel when interacting with digital technologies that summon the familiar.

In collaboration with New Media Art, Neo Shibuya TV’s curatorial initiative turns an about-face on our interaction with the digital billboards towering over us. These aren’t ads; they’re coded expressions, layered dialogues with the viewer. It begs the question: what if the screens we pass by daily served not to sell, but to stimulate thought?