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unity, leap motion

An ongoing series of soft, touchable things.

These works explore they dynamics of soft body physics, the 4th wall, and a never ending fascination with perceived sensations — the subtleties of movement and the sensations we feel when interacting with digital technologies that evoke the familiar.

Using body tracking technology, and machine learning participants are transposed into a parallel digital space in real-time. Given a second pair of hands, they are able to play and interact with the bubbles, “feeling” them in their natural state and alternate universe, while participants bodies remain anchored in this realm.

How does it feel to be in two places at once? How can you feel something you can't quite touch? These are some of the questions that arise in imagining the hidden spaces that exist in the overlap between here and there.

Featured at Neo Shibuya, Creative Code Art, EP7, Lightbox NYC, Night Lights Denver, and DAM Paris 2021